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Goshawks.net! 2015


Your source for Goshawk information on the Internet. When I first
thought of the function of this page I wanted it to be a site where
Falconers could come to get timely information on Goshawk
breeders in the United States and Canada.

It would offer Goshawk breeders more exposure to the Falconry
community at large and possibly increasing their income. I offer
this informational service at no cost to breeders or falconers.

Important words of information for any person who wishes to
purchase a Goshawk. They are a protected raptor requiring State
and Federal permits to own and to fly. Penalties are severe if
you are caught in possession of any raptor without the proper
permits. Raptor breeders normally require proof of a valid permit
"up-front" before consummating any purchase.

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This site is provided as an informational guide only
and not connected with any breeder. We cannot
guarantee breeder results.