Dr. Meg
N.A Goshawks

Central Time Zone. USA

Current Status :

Breeding this year 2016

These are the largest North American
goshawks available. Hens fly at
1060 - 1080 gms the first year and tiercels
fly at about 760 gms the first year. Some
fly higher than this if flown fit.

Price Female - $1,800 plus shipping
Price Male - $1,500 plus shipping

Breeding Options :

Adult Reared *
(*kept with adults for two weeks)
Duel Imprint

Shipping Options :

U.S only will not ship internationally.

Buying Options :

$ 300.00 deposit, first come first served.
Deposits taken as the eggs hatch and
falconers are offered birds
Must produce valid permits before order accepted.

Contact Options:
Phone number 1-(262)-534-2400 evenings
Central Time Zone. USA